Cosmic Jackalope (2018)
For my 7th year of Chalk the Block, I took inventory of all of my remaining chalk colors and then decided to go wild with them. Jackalopes as as mythological creature have always intrigued me, and with my theme of the year being "Why the heck not?" I shot it up into the moon, colored it pink, and made something completely fun and unique.
Eleven from "Stranger Things" (2017)
The artists were given the word "icon" as a theme to inspire our drawings. I decided that my icon would be Eleven from "Stranger Things." I knew that she would be a lot of fun to draw, but I also wanted to challenge myself by turning this piece into a graphic representation of the story, using "the real world" and "the upside down" as my background.
Polygonal Cardinal (2016)
This piece came together as a combination of my lifelong love for birds and my passion for design. I wanted to challenge myself not only by picking a non-portrait subject matter, but also by mixing pastel colors to fit a very specific color palette.
Spaced Out (2014)
Realizing my love for color and portraiture, I wanted to continue the theme of combining the two in a unique way. This portrait represents my friend's immense love for space.
Artist Block (2013)
"Artist Block" represents my immersion into the world of graphic design after coming from a background of
exclusively fine arts.
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